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The Medstead Times management team takes every care to ensure that the contents of The Medstead Times magazine & The Medstead Times website contain factual and accurate information. Readers are advised to make their own enquiries regarding contractors and/or services that they may use. The Medstead Times management team accepts no responsibility for any loss (financial or otherwise) or damage that may arise from the use of any information contained in The Medstead Times magazine or The Medstead Times website.             © The Medstead Times.

Welcome to Medstead, a small rural village in the county of Hampshire.

The Medstead Times is the monthly village magazine that was started just over 47 years ago to raise funds to build a new village hall, the efforts then continued to help support the hall after it was built. All of the profits from The Medstead Times go towards the Village Hall funds therefore it is a direct contribution to the wider population of Medstead.

The support we receive from the village organisations in producing and distributing the magazine is truly appreciated. We are also grateful to the companies who make such a valuable contribution by placing their advertisements with us therefore we do trust that you will support them when you require goods or services.

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